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10 Interior Design Resources For Inspiration

Posted by jane gray on

Do you tend to spend ages looking for interior design resources online when searching for a little inspiration? There's a bit of a mix here - websites, blogs and Instagram accounts - hopefully there's something for everyone's budget and taste!


I love this site and might have spent a little too long on it whilst trying to write this post....whoops!  It's pretty comprehensive and a little bit different to a lot of the 'home' websites out there.  It is pretty intuitive to use and in the form of a series of blog-style posts that are well constructed, there are ideas and examples of pretty much every room plus some random stuff like gadget lists and smart home product ideas.

The interiors section on the website of this popular magazine is always packed full of useful info for your home and garden, best of all a lot of their posts are targetted towards the more affordable end of the market!  What's not to love?!

This one is a little less inspirational and more practical - essentially it is free software for designing/redesigning or just playing around with room layouts for your home.  You can use their templates or create your own - fab if you even want to change a room layout, just put your furniture in and you will see how it could look without moving a muscle!

There are some cool features such as live 3D visualisation and furniture to get you inspired when designing your space.


Fresh Design Blog

A pretty comprehensive UK-based blog that has been running since 2009 so has a massive amount of content.  It's really well laid out and broken down by categories so it won't take you long to find what you are looking for - you can also search by month if you are looking at trends and don't want to trawl through a particular category.  It's packed full of tips, inspiration and trends and has a clean and fresh layout.

Sophie Robinson

If you like your colour, patterns, oh and cushions, you will love this blog!  Sophie is a well known interior designer who has recently been a judge on BBC2's The Great Interior Design Challenge as well as working on a number of other TV shows and other media streams.  This blog is broken down into rooms where you will find inspiration for a multitude of colour combinations and styles.  If you want to delve a little deeper into colour she also runs a number of courses - details are on her site.

Abigail Ahern

This blog has an opulent feel about it and beautifully styled.  As well as design inspiration you will find a myriad of blog posts ranging from travel to garden tips, food and even a book club! For those of you who run your own business, the Biz Column is worth a read - there's a post called How To Recover From Failure....something we can all identify with I'm sure!

Love Chic Living

This multi award-winning blog written by Jen Stanbrook is really easy to negotiate and written in an easy to understand way.  There are the usual product reviews you would expect from a more popular blog as well as some guest bloggers too. 

Instagram accounts

Serious property porn, that is all ❤️ 

A community for sharing photographs straight from your home.

For all you Scandi style lovers out there - contemporary and beautifully styled. 


Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did!


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