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9 Things To Consider When Buying Art

Posted by jane gray on

Whether you are looking for an investment piece of art or something cheap and cheerful to finish a room we hope that some of these tips to consider will help!

1.  Will it fit the mood/use of the room?

Seems very obvious but have a good think about which room you are actually buying for, when you spend time in a space how does it make you feel?  How much time do you spend there?  

If it's for a living room that you use as a calm and quiet space (unless you have young children of course!) you might not want something loud that jars with the rest of the room. Is it for your kitchen where you spend a lot of time and is your entertaining space - do you want something fun that can be a talking point?

2.  Is it the first or last piece of your room jigsaw?

It maybe that you are looking to finish a room or that you are completely redecorating/remodelling and you want something unique to start you off.

3. How do you want it to make you feel?

Sounds a bit pretentious (sorry...) but think about a piece of art that you love or have seen somewhere, how did it make you feel - do you want to replicate that feeling with your new purchase?


4. How much space have you got for it?

Once you know the size of the art you would like, get creative and replicate the size and shape with pieces of paper stuck together then try it on your wall.  Just remember to use a non marking material to stick it up as it's only temporary!

This is a good tip to use if you are looking to create a gallery/feature wall, this way you can work out the number and sizes of frames you need and get an idea of how it will look - all without spending a penny!

5. Do you have a colour in mind?

Your art doesn't necessarily have to match a colour scheme of a room, in fact it is sometimes better for it to not be matched.  You might want something unique to stand out - either way have an idea in mind, this way you have narrowed your choice as the amount of options available can be a little overwhelming once you start your search!

6. What's your style?


Such a personal thing but also consider whether your favoured type of art will actually fit into your decor or house style.  A Warhol style print wouldn't really fit in a cosy cottage snug for example.

7. Set yourself a budget ££££

Unless you are lucky enough to be looking for an investment piece of art (and let's face it most of us aren't!), set yourself a realistic budget for what you want.  This way you won't find something you've fallen in love with and can no way afford it - by doing this you won't be disappointed and will be able to focus on a range that is attainable and you will ultimately be happy with.

8. What't the wall surface like that you are hanging it on?

Bit of a practical one but remember to think about your wall type - hanging a picture on plasterboard or brick wall will possibly require different hanging accessories.  Consider the weight and size of your purchase as you may need several hanging points - don't forget a spirit level too!

Can you hang it at all?  One for you if you rent a house - check that you are allowed to actually hang things on the wall!  If you can't you can still use art but will maybe need to prop it against a wall instead or get a little more creative so keep this in mind when choosing.

9.  How is it going to be lit, if at all?

Do you need to fit your art between lights, are you going to light your new purchase specifically?  Is the art going to be in direct sunlight?  It may or may not be affected by sunlight so best to check first, you might be able to live with a bit of fading but think about it before purchasing.

Hopefully this has helped.  If you want to share any of your tips for buying art we'd love to hear from you!


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