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Are You An Art Snob?

Posted by jane gray on

Bit of fun on the blog this week.  I found this post written by Art Book Guy, real name Michael K Corbin who is a New York bas art collector, writer and journalist.  

So are you an art snob?  Read on.....

1. You're An Art Snob If:  Your opinion about contemporary art and artists is the most important one in the room.  You either ignore the opinions of others or work very hard at discrediting or even damaging others with whom you disagree.  This is ridiculous.  People are allowed to have their own personal views about art ... regardless of how off base or wacky they may be.  Variety is  the spice of life.  No?  This is one of the reasons why I love attending art events.  You get to meet and chat with many different people about art and you get many different insights.  Variety and experimentation are the lifeblood of art.  Isn't that the point?  By the way, this applies to many other things in the world and not just art.  However, art is what we're talking about right now.
2. You're An Art Snob If:  You're only interested in socializing at art functions for the pure sake of political gain.  In short, you're social climbing.  You keep a tight circle and are afraid of being seen with someone unfamiliar to your peer or "power group."
3. You're An Art Snob If: You're stuck on exclusive "names" and "labels."  In other words, you only stick with "trendy" artists or people who are either seen as famous and notable or they're on their way "up."  Some of the big art fairs can be breeding grounds for this type of thing, but it comes with the gig.
4. You're An Art Snob If: You only attend VIP art events.  By the way, VIP events are some of the most boring, pretentious things you'll ever attend.  Believe me, the only thing you're missing by not attending is heartburn.  By the way, the term "VIP" (Very Important People) is very subjective.  Being amongst a broad spectrum of people and experiences is SO much better.  It sets the stage for synergy which is the breeding ground for inspiration and creativity. 
5. You're An Art Snob If: You judge people ONLY by appearances.  We all know that art is nothing if not visual, and that art people put a lot of emphasis on appearances.  However, dwelling on this when it comes to human beings can be troubling and shallow.  It's like being in high school all over again.  You know, the whole, "Cool Kids" thing that's largely based on physical appearances.  The problem with this one is that people who judge others purely on appearance clearly haven't learned much SINCE high school.  An art dealer once told me that she treats all art fair visitors with respect because she can't always tell who might buy art based solely on how they look.  Smart lady, No?

6. You're An Art Snob If: You insist on talking in "Art Speak."  Really?  Who does this serve?  It only makes you look like a blowhard.  I'll tell this story again really quick ... Years ago, I did an interview with an artist who insisted on answering my questions as if he/she were delivering a doctoral thesis.  The interview is horrible.  After completing the interview, I vowed that never again would I allow someone to waste my time with such incomprehensible gibberish.  One sure fire sign of intelligence is the ability to take difficult concepts and make them accessible and relatable.  This is contemporary art we're talking, not nuclear energy.  Even insightful scientists know how to break down and explain complicated systems. 
7. You're An Art Snob If: You insist on speaking through intermediaries.  Sometimes this is necessary given sales or legal negotiations or something of the sort, but for the most part, it's pretentious.  Just recently, I had both an artist and an art dealer refer me to their public relations people after I had already been speaking directly with THEM ... after responding to THEIR requests.  Seriously?  I ended the communication immediately.
8. You're An Art Snob If: You're close-minded.  This one is really the worst of all because if nothing else, contemporary art exists to help OPEN our minds and expand our life experience.  Closed minds and closed spirits are the enemies of art.  They're built on arrogance and ignorance (those horrible fraternal twins again) and insist on keeping art mysterious and locked away for selfish purposes.  What's up with that?
9. Finally, You're An Art Snob If: You eat, sleep and breathe art and think it's one of the few things that really matter in life.  Hmm. 


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