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How ArtRocks Was Born….

Posted by jane gray on


For my first ever blog post, (eek!) I want to tell you a little bit about myself and why I sell art, and why I love this art in particular.


Why I Was Looking For Art


ArtRocks was born from the need to fill a personal requirement of mine, and kind of by accident!

I live in rental accommodation and have done for many years. For those of you that do the same, you’ll understand the frustration of having limited control over how your home is decorated and by their very nature rented homes tend to have a fairly bland colour scheme!

The colour scheme has never been an issue for me, as I like a white wall. But my main frustration is with the limited, and often boring choice of artwork available, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

There will be those of you out there that are naturally creative and can put something together in a room that would look amazing and stylish – I can assure you I am not one of those!!

So I spent a lot of time looking for affordable pieces of art to help make my house feel more like a home.

Now, I’m not averse to a trip to Ikea (my children will definitely testify to that!) and ended up buying some of their prints.

At the time I was happy with my Ikea art, it created a certain look, and that was ‘ok’. But it just didn’t do anything for me when I looked at it.

Art is supposed to enhance your life in whatever form it comes, right? Whether it’s the atmosphere it creates in room, or the memory it sparks when you look at it.

“If you don’t look at it and love it, then why is on your wall.”

With this in mind, I spent more hours than even I care to admit looking for something more unique, more considered (than Ikea) to hang in my home.


I found Something Truly Unique

In my search, I stumbled across a painting factory in China (yes really, they do exist!) with a wide range of really unique, hand painted artwork and instantly fell in love.

After much arguing, between myself and my three children, who all had slightly different opinions about which one we should choose. We plumped for the Zebra (probably the only one we all agreed on at that moment!).

Zebra fun oil painting artwork

I was a little nervous waiting for it to arrive as wasn’t sure of the quality and whether it would actually look like it did in the photos!
To my relief, it was fab and has pride of place in my very white-walled kitchen. I can genuinely say that it makes me smile most days.
“It’s fun, vibrant and different and never gets boring.”
Now I know art is very personal, but enough people saw it and loved it, and were amazed how much it cost considering it had been hand painted.
My friends and family started asking me to order them pieces for their birthdays and Christmas and that’s what sparked the idea of selling affordable, hand painted art.
That’s pretty much how ArtRocks was born!
In my next post, I will explain a little more about the paintings and our plans to bring good fun, unique art to those of you on a limited budget!
In the meantime check out our range currently in stock on our site


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