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How ArtRocks Was Born, part 2…..

Posted by jane gray on

It must be dodgy….it’s from China!


Yes, that’s precisely what I thought when I bravely ordered my first painting for our home.

I’d like to put that myth to bed in this post –absolutely there is a lot of ‘tatt’ imported not just from China but all over the world, the trick is sifting through this and that’s precisely what we have done with this collection. The truth is that it would be pretty hard to find something unique and funky for your home at a decent price point.

It’s not really relevant where in the world something is created, what is more important is that it has been created by hand and by someone who clearly has a talent and passion for their art.

Why Buy Your Art From Us?

What’s stopping me from going direct or buying it from another 3rd party agent I hear you ask? Absolutely nothing to be honest! Yes, you will find similar work elsewhere but the chances are it will not be UK based and you will have no idea who you are dealing with. It will probably be sent just as the canvas in a roll – leaving you having to get it stretched yourself.  

We take all the hassle out of it for you and your piece will arrive in perfect condition (subject to our lovely delivery partners!) and ready to hang - if for any reason it’s damaged in transit you will have a UK based company who will resolve any issues for you.

Delivered Ready To Hang

Your painting will arrive fully stretched on a wooden frame and furnished with hanging points, we also send you out a little spirit level to make sure you hang it absolutely straight – got to get these things just right!

Hand Painted and Top Quality

Our challenge is showing our customers the top quality and finish of the paintings and how they are ALL hand painted with oil and therefore totally unique.

It’s pretty hard to do when you are selling a visual product online but hopefully the photos we take of the products show the expertise of the workmanship involved – we have plans to have some videos done of the paintings being done but more of that soon!

All Artists Have a Story

I’m looking at interviewing some of the artists too, I’m keen to know their story and what drives them and inspires them – just because they are not UK based does not mean their products are not totally authentic and painted with love and care.

We will be increasing the range very soon as well as offering a more bespoke service – all really exciting developments for us!


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