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Making Your Rental Your Home

Posted by jane gray on

The recent stats speak for themselves - the number of households living in rental accommodation has doubled in the last decade and by 2021 it's predicted that 1 in 4 households will be in rented housing.

If you are currently renting, either short or longer term then we hope a few of these ideas may help to turn it into feeling like a home.  

Most of the things below can be used in any future homes so well worth investing in and you won't feel like you are enhancing someone else's space and not reaping the longer term rewards.

A Bit Of Practical Advice

Before we get to the fun bit here are a few tips before you start.....

If you are changing anything that is 'fixed' in the property always get the landlord's permission!

It's a good idea to take photo's before you do anything - this way if you need to return something to it's original state you have something to refer back to.

If you have small fixtures that you need to put back before leaving keep all the items together so you don't have that last minute stress/panic about finding it in the midst of packing!

Keep a file of all the useful info about appliances and general house paperwork together so you can refer to it during your time at the property and leave it behind when you go!  

Luckily there are so many ways you can stop your rented accommodation from being bland and boring, here's a few of them!


You don't have to be green fingered to do this, the odd plant can really liven up a drab corner!

Mobile Kitchen Islands

If you are short on kitchen storage and have some extra space then a mobile kitchen island could be an idea for you.  Either used in a traditional way in the centre of a space or tagged onto the end of an existing storage.

Wayfair and Ikea both have some good options.

Shelves - Standalone or Fixed

If you go for the fixed option you will probably need to get permission to do this but adding a couple of shelves here and there can really break up a wall and give you the benefit of additional storage space.  Very often a landlord will be happy for you to leave them when you go ( a bonus for them), if not just leave yourself enough time to take them down and fill in the holes before you leave.

Radiator Covers

Adding the odd radiator cover can really transform a rather drab and let's face it ugly area in a room, especially if they are a little tired and need refreshing.

B & Q have a good range as do Hartleys, it's also worth having a look at Groupon too!


If you have ugly blinds that you cannot remove just cover them up with some curtains.  They are a great way of adding your personal style to a room as well as making the space feel more cosy.  


Got some really unattractive flooring going on?  Rugs will be your friend - there are some fantastic options out there that won't cost you a fortune and can instantly lift a room as well as covering up a multitude of sins!

Lots of great places for rugs but La Redoute, Next, Ikea and Benuta all have great ranges.

Jazz Up Your Lighting

You can probably quite easily change the light fittings but if you cannot then floor lighting and lamps will become your friend!  Even a string of fairy lights can work wonders!

Just changing a lampshade here and there can make a big difference but don't forget to keep the originals somewhere safe so you can put them back before you leave!

Non-Marking Wallpaper

A fabulous and fairly new product that is a great temporary option for jazzing up a room or feature wall are non-marking wallpapers or murals.

Wallsauce has a great number of options and you can even upload your own designs.

Funky Art

We can't resist a cheeky plug of our Oil Paintings and Neon Collections but there are lots of options for Art - take a look at our other Blog posts for ideas!

Storage Furniture

Another non-permanent way of making a room look great and adding that always needed extra storage - be brave, think of adding some in a bold colour or upcycle some older pieces that need some love.

Washi Tape

A tip we've used before but another non-marking material that can be used so many ways.  Have a look at Pinterest for some great ideas.

Play With Textiles

Think cushions, throws, bedlinen etc.  A great way to personalise your space whatever your budget.

Paint a Wall

Landlord permitting you could paint a room or just have a feature wall - do check whether you need to re-paint before you leave though!

Hope we've helped with these ideas, if you have others we'd love to hear from you. 


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