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Should You Buy Art As A Gift?

Posted by jane gray on

We quite often ask what kind of art related topics our lovely followers would like to read - one of the more popular ones is questions about whether to buy art as a gift or not. 

 It’s a tricky question this one! Buying gifts for someone that cannot be drunk or thrown away after a while (flowers etc) is a bit of a minefield to say the least! Add to the mix that the gift you are considering buying will actually be displayed in the home of the receiver (providing they like it of course – if they don’t well that throws up a hole load of other options but let’s gloss over those for now!!).

We are not trying to put you off as giving a piece of art in whatever form could be a really lovely thing to do and done properly can be the perfect thing to give.  You may want to say thank you to a special friend, mark a special birthday with a nice gift, commemorate a special occasion such as a birth or anniversary – we could go on as the options are endless but as well as the old cliché ‘it’s the thought that counts’, we’d actually like the recipient to be delighted with your chosen gift!

Consider Your Budget

This will initially help you to narrow down your options, a gift does not have to be extravagant but will require a bit of research and creativity.

Remember Who You're Buying For!

Always remember you are not buying for you so think about the recipients home and style, is it a contemporary style or traditional, vintage or bohemian? Consider their colour schemes and buy with these in mind.

Size Matters....

Unless you know exactly what they want then keep it relatively small, this way it can slot into their home without making a massive statement, this also puts them under less pressure to make it a focal point of a room. The right size of print or painting can be propped on a shelf instead of being hung without too much trouble and gives the receiver a little more flexibility to display their gift from you.

To Frame or Not To Frame?

It’s absolutely ok to buy something unframed but if you do, remember that there will be a cost involved for the recipient to get it framed or mounted so do keep this in mind. It could also be a good way for them to put their own style on your gift giving them the best of both worlds!

Plan Ahead!

If you’re buying for a specific date, make sure you check the delivery times as by their very nature art could have longer lead times than other more off the shelf products so plan ahead if needs be.

Don't Stress

Go with your gut instincts – although careful consideration for such a gift is needed, don’t overthink it! If you think it’s right for that person then it probably is!

Good for Children's Rooms

If it’s for a newborn or children’s room try and buy something that will stand the test of time and as their colour scheme and style changes as they grow.

It's Not a Cop-out! 

It’s ok for it to be a voucher! If you are set on art as a gift and really can’t decide or afford what you want then a voucher is fine to give.

Do Your Homework

Lastly do check the shop whether it be online or a shop has a good returns policy – just in case it’s needed….you never know!


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