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Do You Want To See How Your Art Would Look On Your Wall?

Posted by jane gray on

Have you ever wanted to buy a piece of artwork for your wall and wandered whether it would actually go with the paint colour or even wallpaper?  You may want to redecorate but not sure whether the art you already own will go with your new colour scheme?

I want to give you a really easy (and free...) way to help you visualise how it would look.

My Favourite Online Tool

You may or may not have heard of an online resource called which is essentially a really really easy to use design tool that can be used either by professionals or just for your day to day design projects at home.  

Not only is it great for what I am about to show you but also fab for templates when you need to create invitations, thank you notes, posters...I could go on - so well worth checking out anyway!

Now Get Going

For the purposes of this post I am going to assume you are new to using canva so first of all you will need to create an account on  

Once done go to create a design and just select instagram or facebook post, it doesn't really matter as all you are doing is playing around with the background colours.

Go to UPLOADS - this is where you can upload your own image of your existing artwork or art you are thinking of buying.  If you haven't already done so just take a photo of your art or download the image you are thinking of buying, if you can just crop the image so it's just the artwork with no background.

Once you have uploaded your image/s click on it and it will appear on a blank post you have created on the right hand side.

Now go to BKGROUND on the left hand side menu and click.  This then gives you the option to choose a colour to sit behind your art.  If you roughly know what colour your wall is then choose it by clicking + underneath the DOCUMENT COLORS heading - you can change this as many times as you like by clicking on the background of the image and deleting (top right of screen) then repeating the process.  You will see how different a piece of art can look with different colour backdrops - point demonstrated here!  



Obvious I know, but the same painting looks very different on a different background and would look even more different on a darker background - so do think carefully about where you art is going to hang - the difference could be bleugh it's ok to omg that really 'pops' out at you - which would you prefer???!

Top Tip

If the background colour is a little too vibrant and you need to tone it down a bit just click on your background then click on the button which looks like a chequered flag (top right) and slide to change the transparency of the colour - this will help to soften the colour a lot and make it more like a paint shade.

Use Your Existing Wall Colour/Covering

An alternative way is to take a photo of your wall with nothing on it, either to get the paint colour or wallpaper and upload that in the same way as your art photo.  To get this as your background just click on that image from uploads and it will appear on the right hand side.

Drag the image to fill the screen and then click ARRANGE and then BACK on the top right of your screen, your art should then sit on the background of your choice.  

It's really intuitive to use and like most things best learnt by playing around - canva saves what you are doing pretty much immediately and changes are easy to rectify by using the undo/redo options on the top left.

I hope this helps, if you have any other top tips like this we'd love to hear from you so get in touch!



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