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Bespoke Neon

The possibilities are pretty much endless when having an LED Neon sign made, we've worked with a number of businesses and individuals to create their own unique signs. 

Do you have a logo that needs creating?  A favourite phrase?  Do you want a sign created in your child's handwriting for their bedroom - the possibilities are pretty much endless!!

There are a basic few things you will need to consider in order to create your own sign, don't worry if you don't have all the info - we can help guide you.

Your sign!

The word, image or phrase you would like.


Neons can either be made with a white outer sleeve (the left side of the right hand image below) or a coloured outer sleeve (right hand side of the right image below) so when they are turned off you either see a colour or white.

The left hand image shows the colours when switched on.




Do you want to be able to dim your neon?  If so then we can include a dimmer switch with your sign.  Most people go for the dimmer switch - great if you are going to use it in a child's room as it doubles as a nightlight.


An approximate size for your sign, this doesn't have to be exact as we will configure the size to suit the proportions of your design.  We can quote for different size variations to suit your budget.


If you have a favourite font or a brand font you use in your business then we can use that, have a look at our neon inspiration page for a few ideas - if you're still not sure don't worry we can give you some suggestions.

Cable Length

You will need to consider where your power supply will need to be plugged in!  We can get longer power supply cables made to suit your needs.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Where will your sign be located?  They can be made for outdoor use but this needs to be specified before manufacturing!

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